Ceramic Tile, although not as popular as other roofing materials here in the North East is a quality roofing material that has many choices that complement the architecture of our region.

Although expensive and logistically challenging to install Ceramic Tile offers a vast range of colors and styles that look beautiful with any architectural style.

Triple M Contracting has years of experience installing these roofs and working with such suppliers as Ludowici to ensure a perfect match when performing repairs.

Ceramic Tile is a beautiful and long lasting roofing material with a 80-100 year life expectancy. Although ceramic tile roofs are common throughout the Mediterranean and Latin influenced the architecture of the South West, Florida, and California, a high-quality tile will be hard-fired and will not absorb moisture that can fracture a tile when frozen.

Thus such tiles are suitable for northern climates and when used can be an extravagant architectural statement. All high-quality tile roofs are expensive, both in terms of the material and the installation, and so clay tile roofs are fairly rare.

Triple M Contracting has worked for years providing Ludowici brand ceramic tiles to home owners and architects looking for the best ceramic tile on the market. With a 75 year warranty Ludowici offers an extremely broad range of high quality roof tiles in their extensive catalog of products and custom options.


The most popular tile in Ludowici’s line, Spanish Tile is prized for its simple one-piece barrel design which provides a pattern of distinctive ripples across the roof. Often synonymous with clay roof tile, Spanish Tile enhances virtually any style of architecture. While seen most often in Clay Red, imaginative architects and designers in recent years have chosen blends of neutral colors in matte finishes, high-gloss Mediterranean Blue and Fire flashed as alternatives.


French Tile was first introduced in the 1890s. Since then a favorite of discriminating architects, it is one of the most sculptured, dimensional products in Ludowici’s line. Large and durable, French Tile has deep locks on all four sides, plus two prominent flutes on its surface for dramatic aesthetics as well as fast drainage. When applied to the roof, these flutes produce an unusual shadow-play effect for a highly stylized appearance. A comprehensive line of fittings designed to coordinate with French field tile is available for a truly finished, detailed appearance.


With roots firmly embedded in the Old West, Straight Barrel Mission and Tapered Mission Tiles embody a spirit of independence, discovery and functional style. One of Ludowici’s more popular profiles, and a tradition in the South West, this tile is also used successfully with architecture reminiscent of “old-world” Italian and Romanesque styles.


A roof crafted from Ludowici tile is instantly recognizable from its fittings. From gable rakes to eave closures, from ridge pieces to the trademark Ludowici terminals which beautifully connect ridge and hip lines, no other clay roof tile manufacturer offers such a comprehensive selection. Specific standard fittings are manufactured for each style of field tile, while their interchangeable fittings work with most tiles.