For centuries, Architects have chosen copper for protecting commercial and institutional structures. Copper has given entirely satisfactory service on roofs, gutters, and other weatherproofing constructions, with outstanding resistance to the assault of corrosion ordinarily caused by exposure to the atmosphere. For this reason, more and more home owners and builders are choosing copper.

Copper roofing, first applied 2,500 years ago and still widely specified by leading architects for commercial and institutional buildings, is growing in popularity for private homes. Taken with its beauty, durability and corrosion resistance, more and more homeowners are beginning to demand copper roofing.

Copper Aging

The bright copper appearance lasts only a brief time in most conditions.

The decorative natural protective coating of a blue-green patina characterizes many of the older copper roofs, statues and other copper surfaces.

The copper roofs of many ancient cathedrals, the Statue of Liberty, and the dome of the South Carolina Capitol are all covered with a green patina finish. Patina is actually the product of copper corrosion on exposure to the weather.

The chemicals in the atmosphere produce patinas in a process that require at least five years in an industrial or coastal environment and many more in rural areas.

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Copper Roofs

As with most things, there is a right way and a wrong way to install Copper Roofs. As a Professional Roofing Contractor, we run into Copper roofs that leak even though they are relatively new.

The Copper material is often blamed by the home owner when the problem with the roof is almost always poor installation.

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Custom Fabrication

Having an On-Site Copper Working Shop we Fabricate all of our Copper to our Customer's needs.

We fabricate all of our custom copper work. This allows us to design and build any copper accent desired to beautify your home or buisness.

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In the case of long lasting roofing materials such as slate, the weakest point inevitably ends up being the roofs flashing's. Flashing's are the material used as a layer of protection between roof connections and projections such as chimneys, dormer walls, and valleys.

Copper is by far the best material for flashing a roof. Copper Flashing's will last on average between 80-100 years. Other Flashing materials such as the Tins commonly employed by "bargain" roofing contractors require periodic painting and must be sealed using caulking.

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Gutters exist to preserve your home. They transport rain falling off each facet of a roof and deliver it to a place where it will not damage a home's structure. Even in the most arid of zones, homes should have some type of rain gutter. However, for the most part, they are a "walk by" component of the home.

Copper gutters leave the realm of utility and enter the arena of architectural detail. Most copper gutter jobs are custom, allowing plenty of room for creativity. In the right hands, downspouts and catches take the look of sculpture.

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