Fixing a Tarred Valley

Once again we find evidence of Neanderthal Contractors ruining an otherwise good slate roof. Tar is the Neanderthal Roofers best friend.

This solution which may stop leaks for a couple years ruins the valley and surrounding slates. Unfortunately, the couple years this fix lasts is usually long enough for the incompetent roofer to go out of business.

These are the steps to fixing a tarred valley.

The Original Valley.

Neanderthal Contractors filled the valley with tar.
This is a perfect example of ignorant roofing at its worst.

Step 1

Remove the old valley and slates to either side of the valley.
Salvage slates for future use.

Step 2

After installing Ice&Water Shield, we begin installing a new copper valley flashing.

Step 4

Once the new copper valley is in we begin replacing the slates around the valley using a mix of the original salvaged slates and new slates that match the color and weathering of the originals.

The Completed Project

Although still dusty from the newly installed slate, This new Valley will perform beautifully for years to come.