Custom Fabrication

bell.jpgHaving an On-Site Copper Working Shop we Fabricate all of our Copper to our Customer's needs.

We fabricate all of our custom copper work. This allows us to design and build any copper accent desired to beautify your home or buisness.




Custom copper fabrication can really be broken into two parts

The first part is the custom fabrication of copper roofing, flashing, and gutters. Our in-house copper working shop allows us to build these parts specificly for "your" roof which allows for a more finished look then when constructed with ordered parts.


The second part of custom copper fabrication is for us the most excighting, fabricating custom copper embelshments. These embelshments, such as copper domes, spires, and other detailing often are the finishing touches that make a roof stand out and add character to the building that it protects.

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