Having the proper education is the only way to make informed decisions. This section will explain all the parts of the roof, as well as explain terminology that is commonly used when speaking about roofs.

  • Snow Guards  ( 3 items )

    Sliding snow and ice can cause damage to your slate, gutters, downspouts, awnings, porch roofs, skylights, and most importantly people. In fact more and more building codes are requiring snow guards overhanging any public foot traffic areas.

    The addition of snow guards and proper gutters allow snow to sit and melt in place while safely channeling run off away from walkways where ice hazards can form. A proper snow guard system can minimize potential damage and can be installed using various styles and metal types to enhance the beauty of your roof.

  • Maintenance  ( 1 items )

    guttervert.jpg Proper maintenence involves conducting bi-annual cleanings/inspections. These inspections/gutter cleanings are performed before and after every winter. It is also advisable to perform additional roof inspections after periods of severe weather.

    Before any roof maintenance program is began it is nessesary to verify that the attic is properly ventilated. Such an oversight can only lead to unnecessarily premature damage to you roofing system. This inspection should always be performed by a licenced professional roofing contractor that is experienced with your roofing material of choice.

  • Ice and Water Shielding  ( 3 items )

    A roofing underlayment is a rubberized membrane that goes under shingles to prevent water penetration. It is the one piece of a roofing system that is expressly designed to be waterproof. Without an underlayment, water from wind-driven rain or ice dams can infiltrate under your shingles and severely damage your roof—or even worse, the inside of your home.

    Grace roofing underlayments, widely regarded as the best in the industry, offer premium waterproofing protection.

  • Basic Information  ( 6 items )
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