The type of roofing material you choose for your new home will depend on the style of your home. With the variety of materials manufactured these days there are many more options to choose from. When starting the selection process, most people will pick the basic style and color first, then focus on any technical requirements and budget issues.

  • Slate

    slate_12-04.jpg Slate is arguably the crown jewel of roofing materials. The durability, longevity, and wide array of colors and styles of installation make a slate roof a great choice for protecting your home with an investment that will function for generations to come.

    Slate is a traditional and time tested roofing material dating back over a millennium. Slates are stone, and therefore are as permanent as any stone. For this reason slate roofs commonly last well over 100 years with minimal maintenance. The Saxon Chapel at Stratford-on-Avon, Wiltshire, England was built in the 8th century and is still in good condition today.

  • Copper

    copper1.jpg For centuries, Architects have chosen copper for protecting commercial and institutional structures. Copper has given entirely satisfactory service on roofs, gutters and other weatherproofing constructions, with outstanding resistance to the assault of corrosion ordinarily caused by exposure to the atmosphere. For this reason more and more home owners and builders are choosing copper.

    Copper roofing, first applied 2,500 years ago and still widely specified by leading architects for commercial and institutional buildings, is growing in popularity for private homes. Taken with its beauty, durability and corrosion resistance, more and more homeowners are beginning to demand copper roofing.

  • Shingle

    landmarkcrop.jpg70% of new homes that are built today use some type of asphalt shingle. Cost can be a major factor in choosing what roofing material to use.

    With asphalt shingles being the least expensive and with the ever expanding selection of colors, textures, and durability it is no wonder why asphalt shingles have become the most popular roofing material in america today.

  • Other

    tile1.jpgIn addition to Slate, Copper, and Shingle roofing there are a number of other alternatives. Here at Triple M Contracting we have found with years of experience that some of these alternatives are better then others.

    Specifically in this section we will cover Ceramic Tile, Wooden Shingles, and Rubber Roofing.

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